Who We Are

The TWS Board of Directors is a small group of individuals in the Squamish/ Sea to Sky corridor who are passionate about wellness.

Their goal is to:

  • empower people to live their lives to their fullest by being their healthiest.
  • make health services and learning healthy life-skills affordable and accessible for all.

Karen Hoshino

Karen has a teaching and mentoring background with over 10 years experience teaching English as a Second Language at the junior high, high school, university, and adult level. With an undergraduate in International Relations and Masters in Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, and a Masters of Counselling. She is looking forward to combining her interests in teaching and counselling for the benefit of the community. She is passionate about prevention, self care, and promoting wellness through a holistic view of health with an emphasis on the healing power of nature.  She loves living in Squamish with access to the mountains, ocean, lakes, and trails as well as the community spirit.

Ashley Lighfoot

With a resume that swings from factory manager, to bartender, to long-time rock club DJ and band leader, Ashley Lightfoot comes to the table of The Tantalus Wellspring Society as a new parent. Pregnancy, birth, and now the study of development through the unique locus of motherhood, has reignited Ashley’s interest in the human condition. She brings a particular passion for pre-natal education, and a strong belief in its ability to relieve maternal stress and lead to better physical and emotional outcomes for mothers and their babies. When not in advocate, study, or mom-mode, Ashley is a volunteer for CASARA (Civil Air Search and Rescue), RCM-SAR (Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue), and a member of the C-Dar Biodynamic Society and Ninety-Nines International Organization for Women Pilots.

Julia Bresalier

Supporting and promoting wellbeing has infused Julia’s work, and life, for over 20 years.  The powerful connection between mind, body and spirit has been reinforced time and again in her work with children, youth, families and communities as well as in her personal life.  It is exciting that these connections are being recognized more broadly and supported by research. Undergraduate degrees in psychology, criminology and women’s studies and a graduate degree in leadership combined with experience in community social service, advocacy and currently as a learning consultant galvanize her commitment to supporting the development of an organization that is values based, innovative and passionate about enhancing the lives of Sea to Sky community members.  Julia is passionate about enjoying skiing, mountain bike riding, rock climbing and her newest discovery, stand up paddle boarding in the local rivers.  These activities are most enjoyed when she is out with her family, soaking in the life-affirming beauty of her natural surroundings.

Elizabeth Grant

Elizabeth Grant:  As a Registered Nurse, Liz has worked in a variety of areas over the last 15 years- from hospital acute care to community Public Health – with a special interest in Aboriginal health and Health Promotion.  She has worked in rural Northern Canada as well as done volunteer work in the Philippines and Africa, and currently works in Public Health with Squamish Nation. She especially loves working with young women and families, and greatly values “upstream” approaches to achieving healthier families and communities.  She takes a holistic approach to wellness, and appreciates the teachings of the medicine wheel, which acknowledges the person as a whole -the interconnection of mind, body and spirit. As a new mom, an outdoor enthusiast and musician, Elizabeth brings a variety of life experiences to the Tantalus Wellspring table.  She joined the TWS board two years ago, as she saw the need for more accessible and affordable mental-wellness services in Squamish, and was inspired by the other members and their vision.  It has been an exciting process, watching TWS evolve and to be a part of that dynamic process.

Brent Stewart

A long-standing interest in the mind & cognition, a desire to help others and a truly great voice made hypnotherapy and mind training a natural fit for Brent.

With over 14 years experience driving strategic growth and visibility for leading Internet Marketing organizations he has experience in marketing, partnership building and online brand management.

In his spare time he likes writing & playing music, reading, mountain biking and playing golf.

Joanne Luscombe

Originally from Hamilton, Joanne moved to Squamish with her two young daughters twenty years ago.   A self-taught entrepreneur, she established the The Rainforest Grill in her building in Second Ave.   The 4 seat vegetarian takeout quickly expanded into a hostel and community hub which housed a variety of events and services for locals. Being ahead of the time in an industrial time, she put it on hold on the restaurant and  put more attention to her ‘Your Space’ concept of time shared rentals in her building and her growing family with the addition of her two sons.
Jo is a ‘Jane of all Trades’ and has studied music, traditional and alternative medicine, horticulture, construction, child rearing and the lists goes on as she is always open to expand we knowledge.
She enjoys yoga, swimming, biking, gardening, living, laughing and loving.