Collaboration Project

Tantalus Wellspring Society is happy to announce:

‘The Collaboration Project’

This is a new initiative that will help community members access activities that contribute to mental and physical wellness. Tantalus Wellspring Society is developing partnerships with local service providers and businesses to reduce financial barriers that may limit people’s ability to participate in activities that are not only fun and interactive but contribute to wellness. 

This project is supported by the generosity of our partners, donations from community members and a grant from the Squamish Community Foundation.

There is no screening or proof of income required. We believe that people will take only what they need. Pricing has been set to ease the burden on our generous partners. If people are able to, they are welcome to contribute more. If these discounts do not remove the financial barrier, we are happy to work with people to support their access.

If you are a provider of fitness, yoga or other services that contribute to mental and physical wellbeing and want to become part of The Collaboration Project, please contact

Currently, we have partnerships with Return to Balance Therapeutic Yoga,  Shala Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Ground UP Climbing Gym, Sacred Light Yoga, and Brennan Park. Through these partnerships, people can access yoga, climbing and other recreational activities at a reduced cost. Each partner is able to provide support in different ways so please read below carefully for pricing and registration details.

Return To Balance Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga differs from regular yoga classes in that it has the goal of preventing, relieving or managing specific symptoms or conditions. Classes focus on movement education, therapeutic techniques and pain relief, and functional strength and mobility.

Visit to learn more. Return to Balance will offer a 50% discount through this partnership. Contact to register.

Shala Yoga


Full Price


Discounted Price

2-week intro 60.00 30.00 (50%)
1 month unlimited 160.00 80.00 (50%)
5 class punch pass 105.00 52.50 (50%)
10 class punch pass 180.00 90.00 (50%)

Visit Shala Yoga to register and use discount code TWS50.

Ashtanga Yoga

Full Price Discounted Price
Intro Workshop + 1 week unlimited 65.00 32.50 (50%)
Drop-in 25.00 12.50 (50%)
One-month unlimited pass 168.00 134.40 (80%)
5-class punch pass 115.00 92.00 (80%)

Visit Ashtanga Yoga and use discount code TWS50 for the Intro Workshop + 1 week unlimited and Drop-in classes; use discount code TWS20 for one-month unlimited and 5-class punch pass

Sacred Light Yoga

Please check out the Sacred Light Newsletter for class dates, times, details and to register.

Full Price Discounted Price
Mindful Movement Mornings a 6-week registered class for $120 I have an early bird price special for * students can drop in or commit to the 6 weeks $120




$30.00 (25%)


$5.00 for drop-in

Nurture YOU is a workshop 6-week registered series dedicated to MOMS wanting to reconnect to their deep core whole self. This is a progressive learning series full commitment to the course is recommended. No drop-ins $135.00 $33.75 (25%)
Mom & Baby Yoga and Support 6-week registered class. Moms can drop in or commit to the 6 weeks $90.00

Drop-in $15.00

$22.50 (25%)


$ 3.75 (25%)

Mom & Baby 4th trimester group*This is an online (4 classes online) & in-person (2 in person) program in supporting moms post-birth within the first 3 months $80 registered program only no drop-ins $80.00 $20.00 (25%)
Youth Yoga Grades 7,8 + 9 (ages between 11-14) registered 6-week class $60 (drop-ins are welcome at $12/class)

Youth Yoga Grades 10,11 +12 (ages between 14-17) registered 6-week class $60 (drop-ins are welcome at $12/class)

$60.00 $15.00 (25%)
Prenatal Yoga  6-week registered class. Full commitment to the 6 weeks is recommended but drop-ins are welcome $135



$33.75 (25%)



Unwind & Rest 6 week registered $120



$30.00 (25%)



Ground UP Climbing Gym

If you are new to climbing but want to learn, check out Ground Up Climbing’s Ground School. This is a great opportunity to learn about climbing and meet others.  If this is of interest please contact to arrange for your free pass.

Brennan Park

We have been provided with family and individual passes to share with community members in need. Please contact to arrange for your pass.