Tantalus Wellspring Society is working to create partnerships with local service providers and businesses to reduce financial obstacles that can stop people from engaging in activities that are not only enjoyable and engaging, but also support wellness. The goal is to make such activities available to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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Great News

Tantalus Wellspring Society has been working with some of the amazing and talented mental health and wellness practitioners in our community for the past few years. Together we have been able to provide members of the community with access to an array of learning opportunities including yoga and meditation, grounding and shielding, walking the medicine wheel, dental care, healthy communication and music therapy, to name a few. Tantalus Wellspring Society recently received charitable status and we are looking forward to taking the society to the next level and increasing the positive impact we can make to help improve the mental wellbeing of Sea to Sky residents. Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming community events and how you can get involved

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Helping People

TWS recognizes that Squamish and the Sea To Sky corridor have an abundance of highly skilled practitioners who are able to offer an array of services that support wellbeing. We aim to ensure that every member of our community has access to these services which are both preventative and responsive.TWS seeks to bridge funding gaps for individuals and families that may slip through the cracks

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Who We Are

The Tantalus Wellspring Society, based in Squamish BC, is an innovative, values-based organization committed to facilitating affordable therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families in the Sea To Sky Corridor. We seek to enhance conventional responses to mental health with holistic, prevention-based approaches to wellbeing in addition to traditional psychotherapy.

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What We Do

TWS grew out of the identified need to bridge gaps to help provide affordable mental healthcare in our community. We are a small but growing group, who recognize that access to services that support mental wellbeing is limited. As a result, many community members are unable to access preventative, holistic and responsive clinical services. To help bridge these gaps we facilitate their access to services provided by qualified practitioners .

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Questions? Comments? Are you a practitioner that wants to participate? Are you someone in need of help? Please connect us here

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